NICE CUBE GROOVY MIX#76, Cloudy, three resin boxes, L-XS-XS


Three resin boxes with magical transparency with a matt and a high gloss finish. You can store your jewelry or other small treasures inside. There are 2 sets of 3 boxes available.

Vincent de Rijk designed and produces this product for MINC collection. He uses leftover materials from his large interior projects, so cutting down on waste.

Set 1: Cloudy Day
9 x 9 cm, White, Gloss
5 x 5 cm, Light Clouds, Matt (2 boxes)

Set 2: Cloudy Night
9 x 9 cm, Antracite, Gloss
5 x 5 cm, Dark Clouds, Matt (2 boxes)


Vincent makes these boxes out of left-over materials, so the colors may slightly vary. You can find the care instructions below.