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A collection of accessories with a personal touch. Designed and handmade with love, for you to feel, wear & cherish. Natural materials like silk, wool, linen, sterling silver and semi-precious stones are used to make her shawls and jewelry.


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Carla van Beurden has a passion for experimenting with materials & techniques and creating collections. Take her experience as a textile designer and her love for Canada's landscape, where she grew up, and you've got the perfect mix for MINC collection.



The collection has more than 30 different items. Jewelry prices range from € 20,- to 140,- and shawls from € 40,- to 120,-.
Rings can be made to order if your size isn't available. Check facebook for news & viewing dates.

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Minc collection

Carla van Beurden
Send a mail for info, an order or to visit her studio

Marconistraat 52 | 3029 AK Rotterdam
the Netherlands
+31 (0)6  2283 4640

Send a mail for info, an order or to visit her studio
Minc collection | Carla van Beurden | Marconistraat 52 3029 AK Rotterdamthe Netherlands+31 (0)6  2283 4640