Care & warranty

Silver jewelry care

When you are not wearing your jewelry it’s best to keep it in a box or pouch to keep it from discoloring. When you’re not wearing your jewelry for a long while keep it air tight in plastic to prevent silver from turning black (oxidizing).

Silver care

If the shine is dull you can use a soft, prepared silver polishing cloth. If your item discolors you can can use a Hagerty silver dip (not for gemstones,pearls,shell,coral !) for a few seconds and wrinse. Even completely black silver can be cleaned. There are also household techniques on You tube.

Gold plating care

Gold plating will wear off slowly. If you wish to to let the plating last longer we recommend taking off your jewelry while:

  • showering/bathing/swimming
  • cleaning with chemicals (for rings)
  • spraying perfume (direct contact)
  • sleeping (constant rubbing against the sheets)
  • exercising/playing sports (avoid perspiration)
  • gardening (for rings)

Gemstone care

Stones set in an open prong setting can collect dirt and soap residue on the back of the stone. You can soak your item in warm water with a bit of mild dishwashing liquid and use an old soft toothbrush to gently clean. Do not use the Hagerty silver dip for gemstones or sea treasures (pearls, shell, coral). Take off your gemstone ring in the kitchen while kneading by hand (dough, meatloaf…)

Textile care

MINC textile items need a short delicate 2 minute handwashing (don’t leave to soak). Use luke warm water and a mild soap for silk&wool (Dreft). Only swirl the fabric without scrunching, rubbing or wringing. Lay your wet shawl flat on a towel and roll up to remove excess water. Unroll and let your shawl dry flat on a dry towel. All fabrics can be steam ironed. For a casual look only use a little pressure on the iron.
Silk: after the handwash hang straight until almost dry. Iron the damp silk until dry.
Wool: both washing and wrinsing in luke warm water. Wool will felt with quick changes of water temperature and scrunching/rubbing of the fabric.
Face masks: avoid ironing the elastics !

Resin box care

Clean your box with a dry, soft cloth. Small scratches can disappear with a bit of WD40 oil on your cloth and rub in the whole surface. Deeper scratches can be fixed by MINC if ever nessecary. The boxes can break or chip as glass does.


All products, except the gold plating on it’s own, have a warranty of 6 months on materials and workmanship. Fading of the goldplating is a normal process. Please contact MINC by email for a judgement and repair or replacement.