General terms and conditions

Article 1 Definitions/Terms
Article 2 Corporate Identity/Entrepreneur
Article 3 Applicability
Article 4 Our offers
Article 5 Agreement
Article 6 Right and cost of Withdrawal
Article 7 Prices
Article 8 Orders and Delivery
Article 9 Payment
Article 10 Complaints and service
Article 11 Disputes
Article 12 Limitation of Liability
Article 13 Privacy policy
Article 14 Copyright
Article 15 Warranty

Article 1 – Definitions
The following definitions apply to these Conditions/Terms:
• Time for consideration: the time during which a consumer can exercise the right of withdrawal. 
• Consumer: the natural person not dealing on behalf of a company or profession who enters into a distance agreement with the entrepreneur.
• Day: calendar day 
• Right of Withdrawal: the possibility for the consumer to terminate the distance agreement within the time for consideration.
• Entrepreneur: the natural person or corporation who offers distance products to consumers. 
• Distance Agreement: an agreement based on a corporate organized system of distance sales of products and services including the concluding of an agreement using one or more techniques of distant communication.
• Technique of distant Communication: a means that can be used to conclude an agreement without the consumer and the entrepreneur having gathered in the same place and at the same time. 
• General Conditions: the current General Conditions of the entrepreneur.

Article 2 - Corporate Identity/Entrepreneur
Trade name: Minc Collection - Carla van Beurden Design
Business address: Marconistraat 52, 3029 AK Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Phonenumber: +31 6 22834640 local times
E-mail: (address to Carla van Beurden)
Chamber of commerce number: Rotterdam 24174982
VAT identification number: NL 001491355 B59

Article 3 – Applicability
These Conditions are applicable to all offers made by and agreements concluded with Minc Collection.
By placing an order, the consumer agrees to accept these general conditions.
These general conditions do not solely apply to all articles ordered via techniques of distance communication (such as our webshop, email, whatsapp), but are applicable as well to all articles offered and sold in physical stores, during Events, Fairs and Tradeshows.
Before the distance agreement is concluded, the text of these general conditions will be made available to the consumer electronically. Should this not be possible due to unforeseen circumstamces, on request of the consumer these conditions will be forwarded free of charge.
Situations not covered by these general conditions and uncertainty in interpretation of one or more of our provisions, are to be explained “in the spirit” of these conditions.

Article 4 – Our offers
Minc Collection uses the most truthful images possible to show the offered products. Obvious errors or mistakes in the offer are not binding for the entrepreneur. Our offers include a sufficiently detailed and complete description of the available products for the consumer to make a valid judgement of the articles shown.
Generally products offered by Minc Collection are unique and mostly handmade. Consequently, they can vary in colour, size or shape from the images shown. Deviations can therefore not be a reason for compensation or termination of the agreement.
The offer is subject to availability. The entrepreneur has the right to make changes and adjustments to the offers. In this event Minc Collection will inform the consumer as soon as possible. On request of the consumer, Minc Collection can make an effort to provide a similar product. The normal time of delivery will then be extended to a period of time necessary to acquire the desired product.

Article 5 - Agreement
The agreement is concluded from the time the consumer has accepted the offer in accordance with the conditions of the entrepreneur.
If the consumer has accepted the offer electronically or through other techniques of distance communication, the entrepreneur will immediately confirm the receipt of acceptance of the offer by the same means. As long as the entrepreneur has not confirmed the acceptance, the consumer can cancel the agreement.
If the agreement is made electronically, the entrepreneur will take all required, technical measures to ensure a safe web environment for the transfer of data and electronical payments.
Within the applicable law, The entrepreneur can avail himself of information to assess if a consumer is able to meet the payment obligation and of facts and factors which can be relevant to enter into a distance agreement. If the entrepreneur, on basis of such information, finds valid grounds not to enter into an agreement, he/she has the right to refuse an order or add special conditions.

Article 6 –Right and costs of withdrawal
When purchasing a product, a consumer has the possibility to cancel the agreement without giving any reasons for 14 days. This time for consideration starts on the day after receipt of the product by the consumer or a representative appointed in advance and made known to the entrepreneur.
During the time of consideration the consumer will carefully handle both product and packaging. The consumer will only unwrap the packaging or use the product in as far as this is necessary to establish whether or not he/she wishes to keep the product. If the consumer wishes to exercise his/her right of withdrawal, -if reasonably possible- the product should be returned to the entrepreneur in its original state and packaging, in accordance with reasonable instructions given by the entrepreneur.
If the consumer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, he/she is obliged to make this known to the entrepreneur within 14 days after receiving the product, by techniques of distance communication or in writing. After having made known to the entrepreneur the product will be returned, the consumer has 14 days to return the product. The consumer needs to prove the delivered articles have been returned in time, by providing the receipt for the shipment.
If a consumer fails to inform the entrepreneur of his wish to exercise the right of withdrawal and/or fails to return the product to the entrepreneur within the time limitations above, the purchase has been made the return option will expire.
• Costs of withdrawal: If a consumer exercises his/her right of withdrawal, the costs will be limited to the payment of the return shipment, which are paid by the consumer.
Unstamped shipments, insufficiently stamped shipments or cash-on-delivery parcels (rembours), will not be accepted by Minc Collection.
If the consumer has paid an amount, the entrepreneur will return the amount paid as soon as possible, after the entrepreneur has received the returned product. The initial shipping cost will be refunded only if the full order is returned.
To ensure correct reimbursement by Minc Collection, the consumer will inform the entrepreneur by email or other techniques of distance communication, which articles are returned, using full name, order number and bank account.

Article 7 – Prices
All shown and mentioned prices are in euro’s (€), VAT and packaging included. Costs of shipping are excluded.
Prices shown will not be raised as long as the offer is valid unless higher prices are the consequences of raised VAT tariffs.
Minc Collection does not accept any liability for the consequences of typographical and/or printing errors in prices. In the event of typographical and/or printing errors, the entrepreneur is not obliged to deliver a product for the incorrect price indicated.
Repairs and adjustments will be priced in an offering for the consumer to confirm before the work is carried out.

Article 8 – Orders, Delivery, Returns
• Although Minc Collection maintains a proper system for stock management, it is possible an article is sold out or has been ordered simultaneously by other consumers. In such an event Minc Collection will inform the consumer as soon as possible when the article concerned will be available again.
• Minc Collection will carefully manage all orders placed and do its utmost to deliver them in time. If however, for any reason, an ordered article can not be delivered, Minc Collection will inform the consumer as soon as possible by email or other techniques of distance communication. The order is then cancelled. The amount paid will be returned not later than 14 days after receipt of the email.
• In the Netherlands items in stock will be dispatched within 1-4 business days. Shipments to other countries will be made as soon as possible and no later than 2-6 business days after the order, unless a situation of force majeure occurs. If a delivery is delayed, not or only partly possible, the consumer will be informed as soon as possible after the date of the order but not later than the times mentioned in this paragraph. In that event the consumer has the right to cancel the order.
• The mentioned delivery times are times Minc Collection strives for but they can not be guaranteed. No rights can be derived from these times nor will compensation be offered if these times are exceeded.The location of delivery will be the address made known to the entrepreneur by the consumer.
• In the event delivery of a an ordered product proves not to be possible, the entrepreneur will do the utmost to offer a replacement of similar type and quality. Minc Collection will inform the consumer in a clear and understandable manner of such a replacement at the latest, at the time of delivery. When replacement articles are delivered, the consumer can at all times exercise the right of withdrawal. In this situation the costs of the return shipment will be paid by the entrepreneur.
• Minc Collection makes every effort to ensure safe packaging by using proper and suitable package materials. Damage or loss of the package needs to be reported by email, other techniques of distance communication or in writing immediately, but not later than 2 days after receiving the package.
• Until the moment of delivery to the consumer or an appointed representative made known to Minc Collection in advance, the risk of damage and/or loss of products is borne by the entrepreneur. Our shipments are made by: Postnl ( or UPS with a Track&Trace code.
• Please see the Return Policy on the website. Returns are possible if communicated with Minc Collection within 14 days of purchase. The item must be in authentic condition with it’s packaging. Custom made items cannot be returned, in which case only alterations can be made to the item.

Article 9 – Payment
• Minc Collection offers several methods of payment:
Direct payments: when ordering by email, telephone, whatsapp or social media you may transfer the amount as specified in the confirmation of your order (including the costs for shipment), directly to the IBAN number: NL71 INGB 0007529531 in the name of Carla van Beurden Design.
• Web shop orders are passed through for payments by Ideal, Credit Cards, Bancontact. Minc Collection can extend this list with other payment options in the webshop.
• If payments have not been registered or received in the bank account of Carla van Beurden Design within 5 days, the order will be cancelled automatically.
• Cash payment: This method of payment can only be used if an order is collected in person. If this option is chosen, an appointment needs to be made in advance. Telephone number: +31 6 22834640 or email

Article 10 – Complaints and service
Minc Collection aims at satisfied customers by offering good services and a consumer friendly attitude. In the event of complaints, we will make every effort to solve these in reasonability and in concert with our customers. If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions, let us know by forwarding an email to
• In order to ensure proper complaint handling by the entrepreneur, the procedures below should be followed. Complaints about the execution of the agreement need to be submitted to Minc Collection within 7 days after a defect has been observed or a lack of service occurred, with a full and clear description of the facts. Complaints submitted to Minc Collection will be answered within 7 days from the date of receipt. If more time is needed to make further inquiries, Minc Collection will acknowledge receipt and inform the consumer when a more detailed reply may be expected.
Filing a complaint has no influence on the responsibility of Minc Collection unless we indicates otherwise in writing. If Minc Collection finds the complaint is well-founded, we will arrange for repair or replace the delivered. article, as preferred by the consumer. If a complaint can not be resolved in mutual agreement, a dispute arises which may be submitted to an arbitration committee.

Article 11 - Disputes
In the event of a complaint, a consumer first needs to address the entrepreneur. If a complaint can not be resolved in mutual agreement, the consumer has the possibility to turn to Stichting WebwinkelKeur, a Dutch Foundation which will mediate free of charge. If the afore mentioned mediation has not resulted in an adequate solution, the consumer has the possibility to submit the complaint to an independant Arbitration Committee appointed by the Stichting WebwinkelKeur. The ruling of this committee is binding for both consumer and entrepreneur. If a dispute is submitted to this Arbitration Committee, costs will be incurred which are to be paid by the consumer to this committee directly. It is also possible to submit a complaint via the Europees ODR platform .
• All agreements between Minc Collection and the consumer are concluded on basis of our General Conditions and are subject to Dutch Law, also if the consumer resides or lives in another country.The Vienna Sales Convention,(CISG, Convention on the International Sales of Goods), shall not apply.

Article 12 - Limitation of Liability
Minc Collection can not be held liable for situations of force majeure. These may be, but not exclusively, delays in shipment, disruptions to the Internet or damage that may have been caused by an article delivered in good condition. Minc Collection cannot be held liable for damage by internet system hackers or their placing of internet worms. The maximum liablity of Minc Collection will not exceed the amount of the billing for the order concerned minus cost of shipping.

Article 13 – Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy and appreciate your trust in us. Please see our Privicy Policy on our website.
In order to offer you optimal and personal service and expedite your order quickly and efficiently, Minc Collection requests you to submit a number of personal data. These personal data are for our own use, payments through Mollie services and Postal services to deliver your order. Data will therefore be handled with care and confidentially in a safe web environment. These personal data will not be submitted to or sold to third parties unless you have consented to do so.

Article 14 – Copyright
By using this website, you acknowledge and agree that all content is protected by copyright and other intellectual property and that nothing from this site (including image and picture material, Logo’s, texts a.o.) may be used or copied in any form, by any mediums and technologies that exist now or in the future, without the prior, written consent of Minc Collection.

Article 15 Warranty
Minc Collection gives a 6 month warranty on materials and workmanship. There is no warranty on gold plating as fading is a normal process. Please see our care instructions on the website.

Rotterdam, February 16 th 2021