Not every item is in our webshop! You can also visit the concept stores where we sell.

Keet Rotterdam | Oppert 2A
Swan Store Rotterdam | Oude Binnenweg 137  
Swan Store Leiden | Breestraat 109
Swan Store Den Bosch | Hinthamerstraat 67
Voorlopig | Voorstraat 8 Delft

Online shops

Custom made

Do you have an idea for something special? Maybe you have old jewelry we can integrate in a new piece. Perhaps you have an extreme ring size that you can never get your hands on. Let’s see where that can lead us!

Repair & maintenance
We can repair, clean and polish your jewelry. Please consult us first if your item can be repaired.


Marconistraat 52 | 3029 AK Rotterdam
the Netherlands
+31 (0)6  2283 4640
instagram: minc_collection


You’re welcome to visit the studio on appointment. Just send an email or phone. See and buy new items, try on the jewelry, check the available colors of the Nice Cube boxes or pick up your webshop order.